0845 268 0801 - Ref: SRRM

Ardroil Beach, Uig.

Booking Information


Bookings for the cottage are managed by Scottish County Cottages as we wish to ensure you have peace of mind in booking your Beach Booking and AvailabilityBay Cottage Holiday and to offer you the best service available when booking online.

To make enquiries about Beach Bay Cottage call Scottish Country Cottages on 0845 268 0801 you can view their website at Scottish Country Cottages,   or click the button on the right.  Any problems please follow the guide below.

Go to the Scottish Country Cottages website enter in reference number SRRM  this will take you to our booking page.

So click – Scottish Country Cottages and click on the reference text as shown below. A new page will open, type in SRRM, which is our reference and this will take you to our booking page now you can view our availability calendar and book your holiday at Beach Bay Cottage.

Scottish Country Cottages

Scottish Country Cottages