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Uig Nature Watch

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Wildlife in Uig

Situated at the mouth of the Abhainn Dearg (Red River) overlooking Uig Sands, Beach Bay cottage is ideally situated for the keen bird watcher.  A pair of Golden Eagles regularly hunt around the river mouth, whilst Red Deer wander down from the hills to graze.  Buzzards and Hooded Crow’s spar for domination of the wide open skies, whilst a host of seabirds, such as guillemots, razorbill, puffins, fulmars, and gannets and including Sea Eagles visit the sands, some are migratory, others are at home.  The estuary is also home to Sea Otters and you might even see Salmon or Sea Trout jumping, there is every chance of hearing Corncrakes if you stay during summer, but you’ll be lucky to spot these shy endangered birds.

Golden Eagles

A pair of Eagles soars, hunting over the bay on almost a daily basis, just keep looking up!


Shy creatures but often seen from the cottage. More info on the links below.

Red Deer

Well camouflaged so keep watching the hills. Anywhere from the Leurbost turnoff.

Uig is famous for its Machair, the area of close-cropped grass that runs down to white sandy beaches. In spring and summer, the Machair comes alive with a carpet of stunning wildflowers, from common primroses and violets in early spring to rare orchids and wild herbs in summer.  Late summer also sees the purple Heather bloom on the mountains and moorland, a final blast of colour before the moors turn to gold, then brown as winter closes in.

Beach Bay Cottage is an ideal location for photographers, bird watchers, archaeologists and botanists, or those who appreciate beautiful surroundings. An ideal place to introduce your children to wildlife that they may only have seen on TV.  An ideal honeymoon destination, or for romantic couples, maybe those looking to rekindle the flame of romance.

The peace, gentle tranquillity and stunning beauty that surrounds Beach Bay Cottage offers a warm welcome to all.

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